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ATHLOS AND FAIR WINDS DIGITAL combine skills and experience in the Big data analytics and advanced HMI market

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From the synergy between the skills and know-how of the two companies an important collaboration has developed which combines the ATHLOS systems of artificial intelligence and human-machine interaction in natural language with the FAIR WINDS DIGITAL platform, called Catalyst, which can interface to any sensor, device, PLC and to the various IoT platforms.
Athlos has been providing innovative solutions for the Human Machine Interaction for over 10 years. The Company is active in the ICT sectors that influence all the artificial intelligence technologies which enable knowledge processing, management and representation of functions.

Fair Winds Digital (FWD) is an Italian company, subscribe to the national Start Up list of innovative, creator of the Edge Computing IoT Catalyst platform and works in close collaboration with the most important Italian universities and important industrial groups.

ALESSANDRO FRULIO, Founder and head of Research and Development at Athlos comments “The combination of our skills and technologies, in the strategic management of information and big data, will offer effective support both to public administrations, for the management of Smart Cities, and to private companies in different market sectors (eg utilities, energy). In detail, it will be possible to automatically extract information present in any database, simply by interacting in natural language. This important partnership will allow us to offer value-added solutions to all organizations that hold large amounts of unstructured data, to be managed or interpreted”.

“Our experience allows us to quickly design high value-added solutions based on new strategic technological synergies, says Michael Prisco, Fair Winds Digital CEO; the application of artificial intelligence to big data and the use of natural language are in fact elements of innovation that we have long wanted to integrate, since they meet the needs of companies to easily manage access to big data and IOT systems with the advantage of optimizing analysis activities”. This collaboration is part of a broader program of industrial alliances including, for example, the one with the Telos Foundation on the theme Blockchain “

Athlos, through the platform called AIKA, based on the semantic analysis of information flows and thanks to its Natural Language Processing engine, allows its user to manage complex conversations which are useful for the resolution of many business problems. In particular, it allows companies to innovate information processing by offering a level of strategic knowledge of big data, which is able to make a difference in improving the quality of life, increase competitive advantages and optimize the various decision-making processes. The interaction in natural language automatically activates the extraction and processing of information, while the semantic engine allows archiving and their categorization.

Athlos, which in ancient Greek means “challenge”, uses artificial intelligence systems to solve the most complex business challenges. The current challenge of the management of Athlos and Fair Winds Digital is to achieve important goals of technological integration in order to take a strong position in the Big Data Analytics and Advanced HMI (Human Machine Interface) markets.

About ATHLOS S.R.L.: Athlos is a Software Company which was set up in December 2007 by the two partners, Marina Adamo and Alessandro Frulio and is an expert in artificial intelligence systems for knowledge management, archiving, retrieval and transformation of information. The Company, an innovative SME, registered in accordance with the law in the special section of the Chamber of Commerce, is part of the AGID ecosystem of Artificial Intelligence producers in Italy and boasts many collaborations with Universities and Research Centers for R&D projects.

About FAIR WINDS DIGITAL: Fair Winds Digital (FWD) is an Italian company, registered in the national register of innovative Start-ups, which uses exclusively permanent staff and works in close collaboration with the most important Italian universities. The company promotes synergies with researchers and professors directly involved in its R&D department and promoting thesis and internships in the company. Following the Open Innovation model, FWD is in contact with technology producers with whom it shares development plans so as to always be first in the most innovative IoT technologies. FWD proposes itself as a single partner for the design of IoT architectures being able to cover both the hw and sw definition needs, without neglecting the innovation management aspects. For this FWD has devised a program called “IoT Business Accelerator” which allows its Clients to be followed in every phase of a typical IoT project, from the conceptualization of the Business Idea to the “production ready” engineering of a product or service.