Innovation services

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Our software design and development services cover the entire project cycle. Our team specializes in working closely with the customer to analyze the requirements, design and implement the most appropriate solution in terms of objectives and available budget.

Here are our activities:

  • Feasibility study and cost analysis
  • Functional analysis
  • Technical and functional design
  • Development of software and customized applications
Digital Assistants

We design virtual assistants able to interact with the user through natural language, respond automatically to requests, or collect information that can be sent to physical operators and / or other corporate information systems (ex: CRM).

Vocal recognition

It is possible to facilitate users' work operations by transforming the voice into commands that the computer is able to understand.

Computer Vision

Through facial recognition, data are extracted to compare them with other information or to verify the identity of the user.

Predictive analysis

We develop predictive engines that allow you to optimize the management of company resources and provide suggestions to users (e.g. predictive engines for ERP systems).

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