Athlos for the Municipality of Alghero conceived and elaborated the R&D project called Safecity.
The Municipality of Alghero has equipped itself in the last few years with a video surveillance system, but the human resources of the control room are not sufficient to monitor the videos of the events that are taken up by the cameras. 
So the idea of ​​applying artificial intelligence to the video surveillance system to increase the Administration’s ability to guarantee the safety of people and things. 
SAFECITY will allow to analyze in real time the videos of the video surveillance system, classify the behaviors and intents to predict an event and identify potential criminals. 
Moreover, thanks to a Decision Management platform (DM) it will be possible to automate the operational intervention system on the territory also by analyzing the decisions taken in the past by the operators of the municipal police corps operations room.
The interaction between the DM and the identified police officers for the execution of the interventions on the territory will take place in natural language through an avatar.


  • Municipality of Alghero


  • Artificial intelligence
  • Face Recognition and Image Classification
  • Decision Making
  • Human Machine Interaction