Safe Spotter

safe spotter


Safespotter is an R&D project born for the Municipality of Monserrato whose general objective is to reduce the number of deaths and injuries in case of road accidents.
The idea was born as part of the creation of an innovative and sustainable Smart City model towards which the Municipality of Monserrato aims. The strategic objective is to start a process of protecting citizens and the territory, strengthening the ability to govern road safety.


Artificial intelligence platform able to detect and transmit the data of an accident through an advanced system of cameras and sound sensors able to hear the noise produced by a traffic accident. These sensors, mounted on intelligent street lights, will activate a directional camera to detect Minimun Safe Data (MSD), or a minimum set of key data on the accident, such as images / videos, time, place, driving direction and the vehicle registration number.

The Safespotter system will also be able to activate, according to the type of incidental event, the various public actors (eg ambulance, fire brigade, etc.) and automatically carry out the diversion of traffic to alternative routes.

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