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Virtual Knowledge Assistant
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Does your web portal have a lot of content? Do you want to facilitate the navigation of your users?

The solution you are looking for is the integration of a digital assistant within your internet portal or application.

AIKA is the ideal solution for public bodies and private companies!


What is AIKA?

AIKA is an intelligent digital assistant that, integrated with any type of digital content, offers advanced human-machine interaction features. AIKA allows you to manage complex conversations in natural language, useful for solving many business needs. Thanks to AIKA your users / customers can interact in natural language with your internet portal, thus simplifying and speeding up their browsing experience.

Why integrate AIKA?

Conversing with digital assistants is the technological frontier of the new millennium! The integration of AIKA allows you to:


Aika is intended for all public and private companies that intend to improve and innovate the management systems of their services.


application areas

We are able to apply AIKA in many areas by integrating it directly on web portals, local intranet and mobile apps.

Internal company helpdesks usually have the same efficiency and productivity issues that arise in customer service. The implementation of AIKA allows to improve the diffusion and sharing of internal knowledge. AIKA interacts in natural language with the employees of the company by answering questions on company policies, procedures, etc. in real time and sending requested documents. This reduces the number of internal calls and emails and increases the possibility of dedicating oneself to activities with high added value.

The integration and implementation of AIKA allows to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the operators of a call center. The operators will be supported by AIKA in the search for answers within the company knowledge base, they will in fact be able to query it in natural language and receive the relevant timely answers, thus reducing the time required to resolve requests and improve human contact with users.

The integration and implementation of AIKA allows us to guarantee a 7/7 service, optimize the operators’ work activities, avoid congestion, improve the quality of the service offered, speed up the response time to users and improve their experience, also allows you to store and process a large amount of data useful to the company.

AIKA allows you to offer hotel guests an extra innovative service that can be used through voice interaction and 3D avatar, new possibilities of relationship and experience, personalized services and 24-hour comfort simply through voice interaction, comfortably from your room. 

The integration of the AIKA digital assistant in your e-learning platform, in addition to simplifying its accessibility and usability, also offers numerous other advantages from the didactic point of view and beyond. ELearning platforms that can be activated through voice commands and 3D avatars, simplify the life of all students, especially students with disabilities. So inclusive platforms that can allow anyone to access education and training.

The healthcare sector is one of the top industries that are most benefiting from the use of digital assistants for the management of its customers / patients. To automate the booking of visits and exams and to provide patients with medical information, advice for a healthy life and nutrition education, in a simple and accessible way. AIKA usable through voice interaction and 3D avatar represents a valid ally not only for patients, but also provides support to doctors in terms of access to patient health information, monitoring of health status, constant interaction with patients being treated.

AIPA is an intelligent digital assistant dedicated to Public Administrations, developed with Digital Human Interface technologies, which thanks to our Artificial Intelligence algorithms has a face and a voice. AIPA understands user questions and interacts in natural language providing immediate answers. Learn more and more, learning from all interactions and continually optimizing response behavior and accuracy. AIPA makes it easier for citizens and businesses to access information relating to public services and to request documents. From home or from their smartphone the citizen will no longer have to undergo exhausting lines at the counters and opening hours, but will have a direct dialogue with the digital assistant through the municipal platform that can be used online 24 hours a day. The AIPA digital assistant guarantees a ways of using the services within everyone’s reach and more immediate than current online procedures.