Aika - Virtual Knowledge Assistant


Virtual Knowledge Assistant
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AIKA is a digital assistant that offers advanced human-machine interaction capabilities. AIKA allows you to manage complex conversations useful for solving many business problems.


application areas

  • Mobile
  • Home Automation
  • Robot
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Wearable Devices


  • Natural Language Processing
  • AVATAR 3D customized


Aika is intended for all public and private companies that intend to improve and innovate the management systems of their services.


  • WHATSAPP - Read, send whatsapp in natural language
  • Meeting - Manage all appointments in Google Calendar in natural language.
  • E-MAIL -Manage emails in natural language
  • HOME AUTOMATION- Manage electrical systems in the home and office with natural language
  • CHAT BOX - To manage customer care and analyze customers' preferences and buying habits.
  • PRESS REVIEW - To manage the press review and select the articles to read.
  • ONLINE ORDERS - Place orders through a voice command