Artificial Intelligence for Public Administations
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AIPA is a platform dedicated to Public Administrations capable of giving a face and a voice to digital information services, making it easier for citizens to access information relating to public services and to request documents.

Aipa is certified by Agid, the Agency for Digital Italy and is present in the Cloud Marketplace at the following link:


What is AIPA?

AIPA is an intelligent digital assistant developed with Digital Human Interface technologies, which thanks to our Artificial Intelligence algorithms has a face and a voice. AIPA understands user questions and interacts in natural language providing immediate answers.

Why integrate AIPA

Because it is able to actively interact with citizens, public officials and administrators, using natural language. It guarantees a way of using public services within everyone's reach and more immediate than current online procedures.


AIPA is intended for all public companies that intend to improve and innovate the management systems of their services.


application areas

We are able to apply AIPA in many areas by integrating it directly on web portals, local intranet and mobile app. From home or from their smartphone, citizens will no longer have to undergo grueling lines at the counters and opening hours, but will have a direct dialogue with the digital assistant through the platform available online 24 hours a day.